Caveman – Coco Beware

So because of corrupt download links, pictures, and a lot of negligence on my part, I decided to start anew in 2012 by deleting most of my original (corrupt) posts.  So, this is a promise to my five fans (I know, SO popular) to post a song every day or if not, at least twice a week to bring new music into your lives. Reckon it’s a much better option that constantly posting videos with the accompanying ‘omg i love this song’ to 500+ friends only to have the same five friends like it…

So with this, I’ll begin my posting a song from an album that I haven’t really stopped listening to since I got a hold of it – Caveman’s Coco Beware. I remember absolutely dying to get a hold of their album after watching what has now become my favourite Yours Truly sessions. And when I saw the album at Rasputin record store when I was in San Francisco, I shrieked so loud, my sister thought I had seen one of the boys from Take That (I was going through a phase then…)

In a somewhat reverse trend in the music scene as of late, Caveman goes back to hushed levels with harmonised vocals and beautifully controlled (yet, not at all dull) percussions taking centre stage here. Bearing a slight resemblance to Grizzly Bear (albeit a little bit more uplifting), I adore the subtle folk layers that come through in their songs. Check out the Yours Truly session for Great Life here, and an mp3 of December 28th below.

Caveman – December 28th mp3


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