Young the Giant

I’m absolutely digging this track by Young the Giant. I remember listening to this the first time when I was still in the US and then I realised that they were heading down to San Francisco the day I was leaving!! (randomfact101).

Anyway My Body is just an awesome rock track. It’s one of them tracks that I would love to listen to in a arena/stadium and just sing along like I’m the biggest fan girl in the world. I’m not always a fan of the big, ambitious, anthemic rock track but this one I can’t help but love.

I Got on the other hand is a less upbeat but equally feel good song. This one you want to put on repeat all night and while the hours away in your room.

Young the Giant- My Body:

Young the Giant- I Got:

Young the Giant – My Body mp3

Young the Giant – I Got mp3

Also, check out this cool take away video session of I Got!

Young the Giant is set to release their self-titled debut album digitally October 26 via Roadrunner Records.


One response to “Young the Giant

  1. Haiii 🙂 just wanted to say that I really like the I Got video!! and I really miss the weather in the states……

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