The Shins – The Simple Song

Remember the band with the song that Natalie Portman said would change your life? After 5 years, they’re finally back. And they’re as good as before, if not better, with this lovely, pop-rock jam called The Simple Song. It simply is great. And it gets better with every listen (at least for me). I can totally imagine jamming to this in a big arena-like place with my cringeworthy air-guitar skills. Speaking of, the guitar riffs here are sick! Welcome back Mr Mercer and gang. Check The Simple Song out below.

The Simple Song is from their forthcoming album Port of Morrow, out March 20 2012.


Caveman – Coco Beware

So because of corrupt download links, pictures, and a lot of negligence on my part, I decided to start anew in 2012 by deleting most of my original (corrupt) posts.  So, this is a promise to my five fans (I know, SO popular) to post a song every day or if not, at least twice a week to bring new music into your lives. Reckon it’s a much better option that constantly posting videos with the accompanying ‘omg i love this song’ to 500+ friends only to have the same five friends like it…

So with this, I’ll begin my posting a song from an album that I haven’t really stopped listening to since I got a hold of it – Caveman’s Coco Beware. I remember absolutely dying to get a hold of their album after watching what has now become my favourite Yours Truly sessions. And when I saw the album at Rasputin record store when I was in San Francisco, I shrieked so loud, my sister thought I had seen one of the boys from Take That (I was going through a phase then…)

In a somewhat reverse trend in the music scene as of late, Caveman goes back to hushed levels with harmonised vocals and beautifully controlled (yet, not at all dull) percussions taking centre stage here. Bearing a slight resemblance to Grizzly Bear (albeit a little bit more uplifting), I adore the subtle folk layers that come through in their songs. Check out the Yours Truly session for Great Life here, and an mp3 of December 28th below.

Caveman – December 28th mp3

Supreme Cuts – Fools

The hipster within (deep deep within me) is secretly attracted to hipster guy in singlet walking with a sense of purpose, down the streets and onto the railway tracks. Romantic fantasy of course ends near the end of the video where they’re ripping apart and eating something bloody. I’m just gonna pretend it’s cooked pork belly cause I keep thinking of it…

Anyway, the song’s pretty cool as well. Good to chill to at 2.30am and maybe even at 2.30pm. Check Supreme Cuts out. They have a lot of rad (hipster within me using hipster language) tracks.

Yellow Ostrich

It’s been a VERY long while since I’ve filled this space. I blame the lethal combination of laziness and a journalism internship.

But anyway, as I was walking home today, feeling as though my uterus was about to drop for some reason (too much info I know but I have to vent somewhere, and laziness is preventing me from doing on my 5 other social media outlets), I wanted desperately to listen to a band I haven’t listened to in a while, The Chairs.

I remember when I first got a hold of their November EP back in 2008, kI fell in love with lead singer Alex Schaff’s voice and their ability to write and arrange such beautiful melodies.

And miraculously, when I got back home I saw sessions that Yellow Ostrich (which is another project by Alex Schaff)  did with KEPX radio on my youtube subscription list.

I remember giving a listen to Yellow Ostrich a while back but I think I dismissed it at the time because it felt too lo-fi- something, which The Chairs wasn’t.

But after watching the videos, the sound of Yellow Ostrich, at least in my opinion, has really developed. It still has that lo-fi sound but it does not dominate. AND I still love Alex Schaff’s vocals. Still resonates in a way that it did with The Chairs.

The song Whales is awesome. With the lovely guitar and the percussion that provide a very strong accompaniment to the song. The melody, especially, is awesome.

Fail whale, it is not. (Lame, I know).

Yellow Ostrich – Whale mp3

Go over to Yellow Ostrich’s Bandcamp and download all/most of his albums for free if you want. (or you can pay).

Oh Land – Sun of a Gun

I absolutely can’t get enough Sun of a Gun by Danish artist, Oh Land!! The 24-year old Øland Fabricius has just recently released her self-titled EP and a very impressive video to the first single, Sun of a Gun.

The dance-dream-pop track is super super infectious. I absolutely love that this song has a right balance to it. Her strong vocals perfectly complement and balances the dance elements and is not at all underwhelming. Check it out!

Oh Land- Sun of a Gun mp3

Vodpod videos no longer available.

And a cute, stripped down version!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Young the Giant

I’m absolutely digging this track by Young the Giant. I remember listening to this the first time when I was still in the US and then I realised that they were heading down to San Francisco the day I was leaving!! (randomfact101).

Anyway My Body is just an awesome rock track. It’s one of them tracks that I would love to listen to in a arena/stadium and just sing along like I’m the biggest fan girl in the world. I’m not always a fan of the big, ambitious, anthemic rock track but this one I can’t help but love.

I Got on the other hand is a less upbeat but equally feel good song. This one you want to put on repeat all night and while the hours away in your room.

Young the Giant- My Body:

Young the Giant- I Got:

Young the Giant – My Body mp3

Young the Giant – I Got mp3

Also, check out this cool take away video session of I Got!

Young the Giant is set to release their self-titled debut album digitally October 26 via Roadrunner Records.

Sunset- Moonlight

I’m really loving Sunset’s Moonlight, especially tonight because it perfectly complements the cool, breezy weather tonight. Its hazy, dream-pop mellow feel and fuzzy melody is so appealing because it makes me want to lay in bed, put on my headphones, listen to this song and stare at the random glow-in-the-dark stars on my ceiling. Hopefully, I’ll finish my work and this will be a reality soon (the bed seems so inviting right now)!

Sunset- Moonlight mp3

Moonlight is off Sunset’s upcoming LP, Loveshines but the Moon is Shining Too (LOVELY album title!!). It’s out digitally September 7 via Autobus Records and physically October 12.